My Heart Belongs to…

I woke up to sad news this morning. It got me thinking…

On Valentine’s Day, shop windows are adorned with hearts and flowers; men dash in and out of petrol stations, buying up the remaining box of chocolates; women ponder on whether to consume said chocolates (if they got some), or feel guilty for consuming the entire box (if they didn’t and resorted to buying their own). Most single women I know hope for a Valentine’s gift (this was me… every year… endlessly hoping), whilst most of my friends in relationships tell me they’re saving money and tend not to celebrate. We get swept up in life rather than

Life and Love

But what would we do if life was taken away from the one you love? Heartbroken, who would you turn to to fix it?

Have a little think…

You know where I’m heading with this. Most of us wouldn’t hesitate to give our life for the sake of our children. We’ve said it before. We mean it.

If you could, would you help a stranger’s child? Would you want a stranger to help your’s?

Life is the greatest gift we could give.

Before you devour another strip of Dairy Milk, before you rush off to buy an overpriced rose, if you haven’t already, I urge you to spend just 30 seconds registering for organ donation. It’s a tiny piece of time for you that might one day mean a longer lifetime to a stranger.

Be a kind stranger one day. Please sign up today.

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