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5 Reasons Why Mums Rock at Motherhood

Happy Mothers’ Day everyone! Maybe you’re a mum or a grand-mum, a foster-mum or a step-mum, a special aunt, sister, or carer or plays the role of mum – today is your special day. Perhaps today will be about making you happy, or perhaps it will be about making the littlest ones that call us mum happy. Either way, it is a day for celebrating the toughest, roughest and craziest roller-coaster ride of your life: being mum.

A Game of Let’s Pretend

Do you remember being little and playing mums and dads? Usually there was a mum character (played by the bossiest friend), a dad character (played by the most easy-going friend), a whiny baby (played by the friend yet to undergo a growth spurt), and occasionally some kind of pet who woofed or miaowed constantly. The thing was, despite the howling pets and whinging babies, bossy mum friend always had everything under control. The baby would want to be carried everywhere, the dog would be under her feet, the dad would be requesting dinner, yet bossy mum friend nailed each task and still had time to crimp her hair. (I was an eighties child.)

If children learn through mimicking their parents, then hats off to bossy mum friend’s real life mother, because she was obviously doing a phenomenal job. I read a lot of mummy related blogs and if you hunt amongst the stunning insta-images of smiling children, without drool dripping down their chin or yesterday’s chilli-con-carne staining their boutique labelled t-shirts, you’ll find many mums who are all slightly… well… frazzled. And it’s got me thinking… if we’re all slightly frazzled, but manage to maintain our children’s innocence to this fact, then surely we are all doing a phenomenal job.

Rocking Motherhood

Yes mums, we rock. We are rocking motherhood around the clock, 365 days – and nights – of the year. Hopefully, this Mothers’ Day, even if you’re not greeted with a cuppa in bed or left alone to lie-in, you will be lavished with affection and made to feel valued. Then again, assuming the cuppa goes cold and the lie-in is just a dream, it’s important that you value yourself too.

Too often, mums are the first to beat themselves up or admit to their failures. It’s not our fault, our drive to be the perfect parent is natural; we all want our children to feel secure and happy. So, in the spirit of the day, I challenge you to find 5 reasons why you are rocking motherhood. Your security and happiness is important too. So, why should they value you? Post your thoughts in the comments and if you’ve not had at least one offer of a foot rub or head massage by  teatime, then be sure to make your loved ones read this post.

5 Reasons Why Mums Rock

I write this post as part of the #RockingMotherhood tag, started by Patricia from White Camellias.  The challenge is a celebration of the all small yet not insignificant aspects of being a great mum. Here are my top 5 reasons why I know I rock at motherhood.

I know when to take charge and when to let my son take control.

  • Little O can be quite demanding at times and the balance for control is a delicate one. Still, there are times where he says jump and I ask how high. Then there are times when I say go to bed and mean, go to bed!

I’ve never dropped the baby each time he has projectile vommed on me.

  • Little O was a very refluxy baby, but even so, I was completely unprepared for the first time (and second time) he properly puked all over me. I talking the really yucky stuff. In a normal situation, my auto response would be ESCAPE THE SICK! To my surprise, I stayed put and so did Little O, firmly in my arms until each episode was finally over.

I’m ultra responsive to my son’s feelings and needs.

  • I love that Little O can talk now as it removes the guesswork once the tears start rolling. I make a point of listening and taking on board his thoughts, worries and the things he finds delight in. Nine times out of ten I can preempt his needs and be prepared with the next bribe, wipe or distraction as necessary. A mother just knows.

I don’t begrudge my new weird belly button.

  • Before bump, my stomach was flat, reasonably toned and had the perfect inny belly button. I’m not gloating – I wasn’t blessed with long legs or thick tresses, but my tummy was one to be proud of. Today, my belly button has lost it’s cuteness, my tummy has lost it’s firmness, but I’m still equally proud of this new post pregnancy bod for the little life that it grew inside it.

I have an endless supply of cuddles and love.

  • Being two must be tough; Little O is currently going through a very needy patch. “Mummy cuddle” seem to be two of his favourite words right now, especially at bedtime. I am super happy to oblige, day or night. If my son needs a cuddle for comfort or just because… I will be there for him with my arms wide open.

Words of Encouragement

I was kindly nominated by the lovely Kayla from Parenting Expert to Mom to take part in #RockingMotherhood challenge and as the rules state, I also nominate Jenny from Monkey and Mouse, Nicole from The Mum Reviews, Min from Single Mum Speaks, Jess from Prosecco Mum, Julie from Picking Up Toys, Kate and Alison from Five Little Stars, Julie from Mummy it’s ok, Nichole from Mabel and Me and Stacey from A Mum’s Blind Love. To join in, all you need to do is:

  • Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog.
  • Make a list of things you believe make you a good mother.
  • Tag your blogging friends to join in the #RockingMotherhood tag.
  • Grab the #RockingMotherhood badge here and add it to your post or sidebar.

On Mothers’ Day it’s important we share our stories and encourage each other to keep cuddling, keep loving and keep being mum. It’s a crazy life, but oh, such a wonderful one and I wouldn’t change it for all the hot cuppa teas in China. (Even if they were brought to me in bed!)

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