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Review: Egg Stroller & Newborn Insert

My husband believes that we only ever needed to own one pushchair, but with the changing needs of becoming a mum of one and now a mum of two, we are now on to our third buggy… the egg – in a stunning shade of ‘regal navy’. My husband was also in a state of disbelief when I told him how much the royal ‘we‘ had spent on it (substantially more than the previous two added together), which invites the question: Is the egg stroller worth its hefty price tag?

First Impressions

Choosing a pushchair is like selecting your wedding dress – you have a price in mind, but as you meander (or waddle) your way around Mothercare, you just can’t resist trying that one that is clearly over your budget, but is just too beautiful to ignore. This was me about 6 months into pregnancy number two.

Our first pushchair strolled up to buggy heaven after a short lifetime of muddy hikes with the dog. Pushchair number two was a jet-setter; perfect for travelling long-haul with a small toddler, but had since retired until the time came when we would dare to take two small children abroad again. Both were amazing pushchairs, both had seen better days; we needed something shiny and new – this time I knew exactly what I was looking for.

My wish-list read: Easy to collapse and assemble, must be suitable from birth and be big enough for a toddler, the basket should be large and accessible, wheels must be able to handle multiple terrains, the pushchair should ideally be lightweight, easy to push and fit our old Maxi Cosi car seat (with adaptors if necessary) and if it could cook dinner and do a few household chores too, that would be the icing on the cake. Surely that’s not too much to ask from my dream buggy, right?

Those that know me, know that I love to research. I had researched and researched and carefully selected my shortlist, before strolling into Mothercare to try them out (well, as much as you can do in a shop whose shiny, smooth floor is a far cry from the potholed pavement outside our house). Just like Goldilocks, it quickly became apparent that my wish list would be hard to achieve – too heavy, too clunky, too rattly, too small, not big enough, no storage, not quiet beautiful enough at all! I was in a conundrum… and that’s when I saw the egg on her pedestal – just like a wedding dress, you know when you’ve found the one.


Ok, so I saw her on her gleaming pedestal and was almost instantly mesmerised; I loved her sleek, yet curvy appearance and the magpie in me was dazzled by her mirrored frame. But then I glanced at the big number on her tiny price tag and gulped. It was a big gulp. My husband would have had a small heart attack if he had been with me. Comparable to i-Candy and Silver Cross, it was far more than what we had spent on buggies in the past. The egg would have to tick off a large proportion of my wish-list in order for me to consider her worth it… and the only way to find out was to try it… so I did… collapsing it, assembling it, snapping the snaps and manoeuvring her around the shop.



I loved her. How was I going to convince my husband that he needed her in his life too?

Now, you’ll unlikely see the egg wheeled into the sale aisle, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find one for less than the RRP. There are deals to be had on the usual selling sites if you’re happy to have a pre-loved model, though I have to admit that often the final selling price on ebay wasn’t significantly cheaper than the price for one that was brand new.

Originally launched in 2015, there have been relatively few improvements since, with the most obvious changes being the different colour ‘editions’ that are periodically released. With this in mind, occasionally you may find a deal if you purchase an ex display or ‘ex demo’ model. Thanks to Google, this was my plan until the stroller I’d located a few hundred miles away from me (it’s okay – they offered free delivery) was snapped up by another mystery parent-to-be. Fortunately though, Black Friday was just around the corner and that combined with price-matching resulted in my purchasing of my very own egg stroller with a mirrored frame in a plush regal navy.

Even so, thankfully, it wasn’t a full on heart attack, but my husband did suffer a few palpitations when I shared how much we’d spent. Ladies – if you find yourself in the same situation I think I may have an answer for you: my earlier trawls of the internet were not fruitless; they revealed that the egg’s resale value is potentially quite high, so my plan is to try to sell her in time and recuperate much of her initial cost. (Now, if I only I can avoid mud and persuade the boys to not dribble, drop crumbs, or smear Ella’s food pouches on her then I might just be able to keep her in mint condition! Okay, that’s a long shot – if I wanted pristine, I should have kept her in her box!)



Unpacking the egg from her box was simple – all the pieces were easy to identify – seat unit, frame, wheels, apron, safety bar and rain-cover – and the instructions were easy to read. I did get a little paranoid that I was going to attach the front wheels into the rear wheel slots, only to realise my error and then realise they were stuck – but that’s just me, and thankfully Babystyle (who manufacture the egg) had stuck left and right stickers on each wheel to help the paranoid or slightly incompetent like myself! Even with the pondering, the finished stroller was assembled and ready to roll in 20 minutes (which to be fair is quicker than it sometimes takes for me to get my old pushchair in and out of the car!)

Ease of Use

Once assembled, I showed my beautiful egg to my husband with pride. I won’t lie, he didn’t feel as excited as I did to take her out and about. Yet, when the day finally arrived for us to wheel a real baby in it, he was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and easy she was to push and how well put-together she felt, despite all the dips and bumps on the pavements around us. Maybe this had something to do with egg’s ‘Tru-Ride’ technology, which is essentially puncture-proof tyres made to feel like they’re filled with air (they’re not – which is great as it means punctures are one thing less to worry about).

Above all else, there are two features which I love: the opening and closing mechanism to put up and put down the frame and the large accessible basket. The basket is self-explanatory, not only is it wide enough to hold all your children’s snacks and paraphernalia (I have two boys – they eat a lot of snacks!) it also has a large enough clearance between the underside of the seat unit to easily place the jumbo bags of whatever-this-weeks-snack-to-bribe-them-with-and-avoid-a-tantrum in. If I was going to be critical at all, I would say that perhaps making the basket slightly deeper would improve it slightly; having said that I’ve always managed to return home without losing any shopping or bits and bobs, so perhaps I’m being a little too picky.

Egg Stroller basket with grey bag inside

The frame has by far the easiest fold down and unfold that I have ever seen. To collapse, you simple twist the barrel in the centre of the handle, then pull up on the handle in the middle of the basket – it is incredibly quick and simple, and not fiddly like some buggies at all. I wanted a mechanism you could do one-handed, so if it was tipping it down with rain and the baby was screaming and the toddler was tantruming and some eager driver behind me was impatiently waiting for my parking space, I wouldn’t have to contend with the frustration and slight embarrassment of not being able to get the buggy down. Thankfully, the Egg Stroller lives up to my hopes and expectations here, though, unless you’re Supermum, you will need two hands to pop it in the car.

Just about everything about the egg stroller oozes ease and quality. The adjustable leather handle feels luxurious compared to the foam handles on many buggies, the structured hood concertina folds effortlessly and you can recline the seat one-handed into three differently tilted positions, including lie flat. The seat unit also has an easily adjustable footrest, which cleverly conceals a secret storage compartment.

You can obviously store whatever you like inside – biscuit wrappers, baby wipes, emergency hip-flask – but it does make the ideal place to pop the mosquito net and/or rain-cover when not in use. The only thing to note (again, I’m being super finicky here) is that if you decide to use the apron as well, then it is not as easy to reach the rain-cover should the heavens suddenly open up, or if you accidentally stroll into a field of beehives (which I’m guessing is less likely).


The curved seat unit, shaped like an egg, can be either parent facing or world facing and used alone from 6 months until your child reaches 25 kg, around 4 years. You can also purchase a matching carrycot, or if you prefer, a newborn insert which fits into the seat unit allowing younger babies to lie flat. This was the option I went for – firstly, the newborn insert is less than a third of the price of the carrycot; secondly, it doesn’t require much additional space at home to store it when not in use and finally, if like me you have a baby with reflux, it enables you to angle the seat slightly to make them more upright and less likely to vomit all over the plush fabric!

Alternatively, you could push your little one around in their car-seat as adaptors convert the stroller into a travel system. Currently, it is compatible with Maxi-Cosi, Be-Safe, Cybex and Recaro, or forget the adaptors altogether and team it with the Kiddy Evo Lunafix car-seat.


At the time of purchase, Oscar was two and Hugh was still a bump. I didn’t know what life would be like, I didn’t know how Oscar would feel about me pushing another child in a pushchair, I didn’t have the slightest clue about how you step out of the house alone with two small children! (I’m still getting my head round this). However, I did know that I needed a buggy that was future-proof. Yet again, the egg surpassed my expectations. Thanks to his scooter, we haven’t needed to fit a buggy board and we haven’t needed to convert the egg into a tandem pushchair either. But should the need arise, we can do both of those things.

If the future blessed us with another baby, or even twins, we’d have it covered. And though I doubt a fortune teller would see either of these situations happening anytime soon, if they did I doubt I’d be waddling into Mothercare trying to find my next buggy. I found my one – she does everything on my wish-list (within reason – we’re still working on the household chores) – I found my egg, and she’s a darn good egg too. So yes, she’s well worth the king’s ransom that the royal we paid for her.

The Fairytale Mum Rating:

5 pointed star made of coarse pink glitter5 pointed star made of coarse pink glitter5 pointed star made of coarse pink glitter5 pointed star made of coarse pink glitter5 pointed star made of coarse pink glitter

The Fab Stuffs:

  • Easy to assemble and collapse; collapsing the frame can be done one-handed.
  • Nice sized basket with a good clearance height.
  • Plush trims and fabric giving the stroller a luxurious feel.
  • Compatible with several brands of stage 0 car-seats.
  • Versatile – can be adapted to tandem mode with an additional adaptor.

The Sad Stuffs:

  • Expensive initial outlay – though with a little bit of care, the egg should hold it’s value.
  • Lightweight to push, but a little on the heavy side when lifting in and out of the car.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Egg Stroller & Newborn Insert”

  1. I’ve just purchased the egg stroller too! and totally agree with your write up, and well worth the price tag. Buy cheap buy twice is my moto in life (not with everything) but important stuff that will see a lot of wear and tear. I stumbled across the new born insert in John Lewis as Mothercare didn’t even mention or seem to know about it! I will definitely be going for this option. Great review ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank-you Wendy. I’m glad you agree – I really am surprised that more manufacturers don’t offer the newborn insert. I think it’s such a good idea. Thank-you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy your egg!

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