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#imamumand Motherhood Stole my Identity (almost)

Tomorrow is my 36th birthday. That means as of tomorrow, I will officially have been a grown-up for as long as I was a child. In nearly two decades of grown-up time, what have I achieved? It feels like so many of my accomplishments were from when I was much younger – long distance swims, a parachute jump, various dance awards – I was closer in age to my children than I am to now when I achieved most of these. So, what happened? Have I stopped striving for success? Absolutely not…!

Identity Theft

If motherhood had changed me at all, it’s made me less selfish and much wiser as to how I fill my time. Do I miss hungover Sundays watching back-to-back episodes of 24? Sometimes – but I’m a mum now and those days feel like a a different lifetime. My daily rituals now include wiping noses, wiping bottoms and the never-ending wiping of floors and worktops! Although I’m immensely proud of my children (and a little bit proud of myself for raising them – if you knew my background with houseplants, you’d understand why) all that wiping has quickly lost its shine and became rather mundane. Hence, to remain sane, I’ve switched from full-time wiper to part-time writer.

Those floors and worktops will have to wait a while: as soon as little Hugh goes down for a nap, I can be found at my keyboard, typing away. You see, as much as I love being a mum, there’s more to me than that. I still love to dance, I occasionally swim and of course, write. Like everyone else, I have interests, ideas and quirks that make me me. Becoming a parent does change your identity but it doesn’t mark the end of you.

This year, is the year I am really pushing to achieve more – not just for me, but also as an example for my children. I have lots of exciting developments to update you on with regards to writing, and I promise that I will do just that soon. For now though, I want to share with you just one of my exciting developments: a sparkling new hashtag #imamumand.


Launching tomorrow, #imamumand celebrates everything we are as mothers and everything we are as us. Tomorrow, to coincide with my birthday, I would love to invite you all to join me in using the #imamumand hashtag, to tell the world something about who you truly are and the amazing triumphs that you’ve achieved. You can find more details on my Instagram and Twitter profiles. Enough of women having their identities stolen by motherhood – instead, let’s celebrate motherhood and our identities together!

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