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Leaky boobs, sleepless nights and multiple meltdowns (usually in public, often by me); parenthood certainly has its challenges. When my first son was born, it soon became clear that my journey on the mother-ship was going to have its own set of hiccups, and it took some time before I was comfortable to accept myself as ‘mum’.

As a qualified teacher, I had secretly hoped that my prior experience of managing other people’s children would assist me in managing mine… Err… not really… But as time has ticked by, I’ve learnt how to adapt some of my classroom skills to use at home, and Little O, Baby H and I are finally on our way to living happily ever after. (I hope… I might take that sentence back – wouldn’t want to tempt fate!)


Rants, Raves & Reviews – Inspiring Confident Parenting

If you ever hear yourself negotiating the best time for bogey removal, singing the theme tune to Paw Patrol, or asking, “Have you done a poo?” countless times a day, then you’re in the right place. The Fairytale Mum tracks the highs and lows of raising children. The blog features:

  • Rants & Raves – Supportive stories, sharing the truth about parenting (because we’ve all been there, right?)
  • Reviews – Honest reflections giving you guidance on the best baby and tot paraphernalia;
  • Inspiration – Tips and ideas, getting you through the day, helping your little ones on their way.

My other blog, The Fairytale Bride, was shortlisted for Best Rising Star at the 2016 Wedding Blog Awards. Both blogs reflect genuine inspiration and honest reviews of their respective themes. If a product or service isn’t a good fit for either blog, then it’s kinder if I don’t write about it. That way, I can keep my integrity and my readers know that I am trustworthy.

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img-20160916-wa0000I truly hope you enjoy reading The Fairytale Mum. If you were wondering, the tiny dude in the above photo is my Little O. Understandably, both he and his baby brother are my sidekick and muse, so you can expect to see their cheeky faces (and opinions) crop up from time to time. Please share the posts that tickle your funny bone or grab your interest and remember to follow The Fairytale Mum on Bloglovin’, Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram.

Happy parenting!

Tracy, The Fairytale Mum