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Review: Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Tommee Tippee have recently released their Perfect Prep Day and Night machine, the upgrade to the original Perfect Prep model. If you read my earlier post on 5 Essential Buys to make Breastfeeding Easier and Mum Happier, then you'll know that I relied heavily on the Perfect Prep  whilst bottle-feeding my eldest son. Now, 3 years later, I am about to start weaning my second son from breast to bottle, and the question whether to dust off the old Perfect Prep or upgrade to a newer version has entered my head...

Hazel Morris with her baby daughter

#imamumand – Hazel from The Secret Craft House

If you love scanning Instagram to see snapshots of seemingly immaculate homes with picture-perfect nursery decor, then it's likely you'll have come across a name garland or cot mobile, hand-made by Hazel Morris. She set up her business, The Secret Craft House, after the birth of her first child and since then, she has been focused on making cute and contemporary nursery decorations that have been cherished by many, including the odd celebrity parent or two! Did I mention she accomplished this in just two years - and found time to birth her second gorgeous tiny human! I'm sure you'll agree - she's very worthy of the mumspiration title...

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Chapter 5: Regression – It’s Okay Mummy

Woh - what a week! You know that feeling after you've had a long day in heels and you finally arrive home, sit down and can kick them off... wait for it... aah! That's how I feel about this week. Daddy has been away, so I've had to hold onto the parenting reins solo, which would be okay if my children hadn't seemingly turned into untamed, wild horses overnight. Okay - I say children - I'll be honest, I really am referring to just one child in particular...

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5 Essential Buys to make Breastfeeding Easier and Mum Happier

I have two children. I also have had two vastly different feeding journeys with my children. In a nutshell, my first was bottle fed, my second is breastfed, but neither child has been easy to feed. I think I must have cried most about the difficulties I've had feeding my children over all other parental woes...

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12 Hints to Stress Free Plane Travel with Young Children

Ta-dah! Just like that, my birthday trip to Berlin has been and gone. Hugh is now three months, so it was his first trip abroad and our first time away as a family of four. To say it was possibly one of the most anxiety ridden birthday gifts I've ever received is an understatement. We've travelled with one child on numerous occasions, but with two, would it be a whole different ball-game? Here are my top tips to help you plan for a successful summer retreat with young children...