Toddler on a time out stool in corner

Bad Behaviour: Is it Time Up for Time-Out?

Time-outs. Do you use this behaviour tool with your children? Have you ever? Does it work? Perhaps you have a naughty step or a thinking chair, perhaps you have a calm-down corner or a comfort space; there may be a million ways to refer to time-out just as there are a million variations of how to actually do it - undeniably, it has become a common technique for managing difficult childhood behaviour. But, what if I told you that psychologists now believed that frequent time-outs were just as harmful to our children as spanking; would you still send your children to the naughty step then? And what should you do to instil discipline instead?

PND vs The Terrible Twos: A Post For Survivors of Either

It wasn't until Little O's 10 month check, that I got diagnosed with anxiety and post natal depression. I'd been so focused on whether Little O could get a flippin' cheerio out of a plastic bottle or not, that I hadn't expected the health visitor to turn around and ask, "How are you coping?" The floodgates opened in dramatic fashion, a torrent of tears, soaking through a tonne of tissues, eyes swollen and bloodshot, not a pretty sight. Since then, (Little O is now 2) there have been the usual ups and downs of parenting. But every so often I get glimpse at what it's like to return to that dark, depressive state...

Is this the worst bit about being mum?

It's true. Nothing in the world prepares you for becoming mum for the first time. I'd worked with children for years, knew how to comfort them, knew how to care for them, knew how to educate even the most unruly of them; but nothing could have prepared me for motherhood. In the beginning, it was all a bit - well, poo - to be honest. Thankfully, over time, many of the bad bits have been surpassed by tickles, giggles and the miracle of an occasional good night's sleep! Despite the joy, the worst bit about being mum still exists...