Children’s author, Tracy Bullock, is often found hiding in her bathroom by one of her three children. She found adjusting to motherhood difficult: Explosive nappies and sleepless nights weren’t as fulfilling as her previous life as a primary school teacher and her mental health struggled.

Fortunately, writing rescued her. She now steals her children’s funny sayings and ideas about the world and pops them into picture books. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading or inventing educational games and activities to play with her offspring. You can find some of them here. (Games, not offspring!)

Sometimes she attends writing workshops, sometimes she enters writing competitions and sometimes she wastes too much time scrolling instead of writing. She’s not perfect, but she’s an advocate for women who have overcome various hurdles and seem like they might be. You can read about some of them here… (Probably when you’re next hiding in your bathroom, and scrolling, not unlike a certain children’s author I know.)