Gathering at Holland House
Our Story

Chapter 10: Privileged

Recently, I had the privilege of spending a long weekend amongst the company of 30 insanely talented authors and illustrators. From the intimate setting of Holland House, in the beautiful Cotswolds, I was one of the privileged few who got to watch James Mayhew draw to music, I created cats and characters with Viviane Schwarzย  and as a busy mum of two, had the luxury of eating for 4 days without having to do a weekly shop, prepare a single meal or wash a single plate! Privileged? Very!


Is this the worst bit about being mum?

It's true. Nothing in the world prepares you for becoming mum for the first time. I'd worked with children for years, knew how to comfort them, knew how to care for them, knew how to educate even the most unruly of them; but nothing could have prepared me for motherhood. In the beginning, it was all a bit - well, poo - to be honest. Thankfully, over time, many of the bad bits have been surpassed by tickles, giggles and the miracle of an occasional good night's sleep! Despite the joy, the worst bit about being mum still exists...